Barbiere (bar‧biè‧re) Meaning: barber or barbershop

Here at Barbiere we pride ourselves on giving you a great barbershop experience. Getting your haircut shouldn’t feel like a chore or that you are being pushed through an assembly line. We strive to be a place that you are anticipating your next visit. The place you are proud to tell people you go to. Did you know you can book any of these services online? Simply click any of the links provided or you can even Click Here!

Would you like to learn more about our staff? You can visit the Meet Our Staff page to learn a little about each of our staff members.

**There has been a UI change on our online booking. It has added some great features like being able to manage your own appointments with a customer facing login and service descriptions. Some people have expressed difficulty in selecting a favorite staff member. We are working on making this more obvious within the UI. For now though we have provided this helpful graphic. You must select the dropdown titled “Any staff member” to select who you want your appointment with. Sorry for any confusion.