Barbiere (bar‧biè‧re) Meaning: barber or barbershop

Here at Barbiere we pride ourselves on giving you a great barbershop experience. Getting your haircut shouldn’t feel like a chore or that you are being pushed through an assembly line. We strive to be a place that you are anticipating your next visit. The place you are proud to tell people you go to. Did you know you can book any of these services online? Simply click any of the links provided or you can even Click Here!

Would you like to learn more about our staff? You can visit the Meet Our Staff page to learn a little about each of our staff members.

Below you will find our services and prices. Click the “Book Now” button to make schedule your appointment!


The Whole Shebang

1h 45min


This package will leave you feeling like a million bucks! It will include the full barber experience. A premium haircut with shampoo and conditioning, A straight razor shave complete with hot lather and hot towels, finished by one of our first-class manicures complete with hand massage. This package will leave you feeling ready to take on the world!




A premium haircut with a shampoo and conditioning treatment included. Come in and enjoy a haircut experience that won’t make you feel like you were just processed through an assembly line.




A straight razor shave including hot lather and hot towels. This shave will leave you feeling rejuvenated and confident.

Head Shave



A straight razor shave for your head. Take the guess work out of shaving your own head.

Neck Shave (back of the neck)



A great service for when you are in-between haircuts.

Neck Trim (back of the neck)



Beard Trim



Color Camo



Keep that distinguished look but add a little color. This is the perfect treatment for you. Best of all it is quick and affordable.

Kids Cut (10 & under)




Additional grooming services




Let the professionals take care of your hands and nails. This MANicure includes Clipping and Buffing your nails, pushing back your cuticles, and is finished with a relaxing hand massage. This is a great addition to any other service, but it’s also worth stopping in and just treating yourself to a manicure as a stand alone service.

Eyebrow Wax



Nostril Wax



Cancellation policy

Cancel for free up to 3 hours ahead, otherwise you can be charged 50% of the service price for late cancellation or 100% for not showing up.

Thank you and we look forward to providing you with excellent service.